Wednesday, April 10, 2013


How do we know the difference between HERE and THERE after we've made the trip? I've never been the person who can start a story with, "The year I turned six was the first time I...". I am not naturally delineated.

But I do love measurements. Yards, inches, miles; hours and seconds and decades. Bar graphs and percentages and pie charts and of course, the great big ruler of them all, a database - just so many measures of this or that, connected in myriad ways by logic and code.

Even the best measurements are just a cast, a mold, an impression of the thing itself. A picture is not a moment, a transcript can never be an education. The essential and undefined me isn't contained in words or works or in anything, really. But I do find that the way out is often longer than the way back. To put it another way, when I get to where I'm going, I'd love to see where I've been.

Today - 13,883 days. That's 38 years old to you and me.

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