Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Type or Flight?

All right, that's a terrible title. I am of course referring to the common problem of having a lot of "go" and no "do", as a friend used to say, or to be more specific, being at work on a slow day when there are about fifteen things you would like to be doing elsewhere.

There is something about clock watching that brings a special kind of exhaustion. All of the energy I've poured into trying to arrange a weekend visit with friends, researching the dates of local fiber festivals, and realizing (OMG, for real) that my partner is going to be in a wedding in 56 days and has not, as yet, made any preparations - including purchasing a foundation garment or even nerving herself up to do so - all of this energy has been careening around in my brain since this morning. When I leave work in 45 minutes, I will be too mentally tired to think about anything but possibly going to knitting group and, if I'm very lucky, taking a shower.

You'll notice that all of this energy was spent thinking about doing things, not actually doing them. This is because (while I love my job, and I do!) my brain has been all over town but my body has been right here behind this desk, transferring calls and answering emails. I try to tell myself that I'm being useful but I know darn well I could have been at home making soap.

I've also had way, way too much time to think about what I truly want for dinner. That way lies madness in both culinary and caloric terms.

Anyway, a day like today means that it's past time for me to get out my calendar, assess my bank balance, confirm dates and times, and generally get a handle on what I'm doing with my life for the summer. Because whether work is slow or not, the next time I have a chance to turn around it will be November and I'll be trying to do holiday knitting or some other crazy and highly unlikely activity.

Today: 35 minutes. Then my time will be my own again, at least until tomorrow morning.

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