Saturday, April 13, 2013

Making Space

I've finally gotten around to putting away the last pile of random boxes left in the corner of the living room. It's about time, since we moved here in January. As I look around, I realize I've committed a cardinal sin of furniture arrangement; that is, "Everybody up against the wall!"

So, how am I going to square my desire for a grown up apartment with our propensity to loll about on the floor like a couple of undergrads? I suppose that grown up bohemian will have to do. At the least, I have a cozy corner where I can knit and look out of the windows into the woods.

Despite that (and the neighbors of questionable hygiene downstairs), I love this place. I'm listening to varied birdsong and watching squirrels scamper up and down in the trees. We have plants, and all of our books are out. There's an entire room in which to keep the art and craft supplies, a linen closet, and this morning I woke up with spring sunshine full on my face.

It's been a long time since I felt settled in a place and even then, there were a lot if things I didn't like about it. This is the first place that I chose. It's a great comfort to come in the door and think, "This is the place where I belong."

Today: 850. That's enough square feet to make a home.

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